This is the personal blog of Timothy Lovett. I’m a business owner / software developer currently located in sunny Tampa, FL. In my spare time I dabble with arduino, astronomy, indoor gardening, 3D printing, cryptography, electronics, Blender 3D modeling, and have been learning game development with Unreal Engine 4. I’m also a member of the coed professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and the international honors society Beta Gamma Sigma. I’m currently working on a few side projects which I hope to announce over the next few months.

My favorite fleeting moments of life are where I’m spending time with my son, my wife, and my two pups. My interests include playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and going for bike rides with the family (when the humidity outside isn’t 99%).

I’m a strong supporter of anti speciesism, environmental protection, and animal rights in general. I hope someday to make a lasting change toward encouraging the humane killing of livestock, harsher punishments toward animal abusers, an end to land and sea circuses, and promotion of policies that protect and expand the ever-dwindling habitats animals live in today.

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